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Dan Dare 12 ” Figure Designs

March 12, 2009 | By retrofuture | Category: Art    Literature   

Comic book artist Chris Weston has produced a series of designs for a new range of 12” action figures

Best known, by me at least, for his work on ‘Ministry of Space’, Chris Weston was commissioned to produce the designs by Underground Toys Ltd.

Chris says, “The figure will be as faithful as possible to the original 1950’s character, as created by Frank Hampson… and I have received some input by Mr. Barzilay himself, Britains foremost Dan Dare expert, to help get it as accurate as possible”.

Chris loves Dan Dare, having turned down drawing the latest Virgin Comics Dare re-hash, when he found out that the original Frank Hampson designs weren’t going to be used.

Good on him.






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